Folly were a band from Sussex, New Jersey. Their music is a mix of hardcore, metal, punk and ska. The band's final lineup included Arben Colaku on bass, Geoff Towle on guitar, Anthony Wille on drums, Agim Colaku on guitar, and Jon Tummillo on vocals. Discography * '98 Demo (1998) ((OOP)) * '99 Demo (1999) ((OOP)) * For My Friends EP (2001, New World Records) ((OOP)) * '02 Demo (2002) ((OOP)) * Insanity Later (2004, Triple Crown Records) Read more on
Resist Convenience
Brooks Wuz Here
Bonfire of the Manatees
False Evidence Appearing Real
Odds> Evens
The Wake
Human Bodies
We Still Believe...
All the Kings Horses
Operation: Work: Lift-Face
Insanity Later
The Morning Song
Please Don't Shoot the Piano Player, He's Doing the Best He Can
I've Been Running for Miles, Davis
The Last Letter We Ever Wrote
Pterodactyls in America
Serenity Now!
Today Jeremy Challenges the World
The City Is Drowning
Sweet Water Death
The Weak and the Wounded