Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine (a stylisation of Florence and The Machine), is a London, UK, art pop band led by singer-songwriter Florence Welch and formed in 2007. The band consists of: Florence Welch (vocals), Robert Ackroyd (guitar), Isabella Summers (aka Isa Machine - keyboards), Tom Monger (harp), Mark Saunders (bass, percussion), Christopher Lloyd Hayden (drums, backing vocals), Rusty Bradshaw (keyboard, backing vocals) and Sam White (backing vocals). Read more on Last.fm
Songs From Final Fantasy XV
Too Much Is Never Enough
Stand by Me
I Will Be
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
What Kind of Man
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Queen of Peace
Various Storms & Saints
Long & Lost
Third Eye
St Jude
iTunes Festival: London 2010
A Lot of Love, A Lot of Blood
Dog Days Are Over
Kiss With a Fist
You’ve Got the Love
Hospital Beds
Dog Days Are Over (An Optimo (Espacio) mix)