Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is a British and American rock band formed in 1967. From the band's inception through the end of 1974, no incarnation of Fleetwood Mac lasted longer than two years, but all featured core members Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. Their two most successful periods have been during the late 60s British blues boom, when they were led by guitarist/singer-songwriter Peter Green, and from 1975 to 1987, when they went a pop-oriented direction with musicians Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks. Read more on Last.fm
Madison Blues
Hey Baby
Madison Blues
It’s You
The Purple Dancer
Gone Into the Sun
Open the Door
Tell Me You Need Me
Crazy ’Bout You Baby
Dust My Broom
Down at the Crown
Get Like You Used to Be
Tell Me All the Things You Do
Don't Go Please Stay
Station Man
Station Man
The Purple Dancer
I'm on My Way
Station Man
Jailhouse Rock
Crazy ’Bout You Baby
The King Speaks
One Together
Teenage Darling
Can’t Stop Lovin’ My Baby
Honey Hush
Lonely Without You
Tell Me All the Things You Do
Jewel Eyed Judy
Talkin' to My Heart
Hollywood (Some Other Kind of Town)
Blow By Blow
Winds of Change
I Do
Nothing Without You
Dreamin' the Dream
Sooner or Later
I Wonder Why
Nights in Estoril
I Got It In for You
All Over Again
These Strange Times
In Chicago 1969
I’m Worried
Watch Out
Ooh Baby
I Held My Baby Last Night
South Indiana (take 1)
Madison Blues
South Indiana (take 2)
I Can’t Hold Out
Last Night
I Need Your Love
Red Hot Jam
I Got the Blues
World’s in a Tangle
Black Jack Blues
Everyday I Have the Blues
Talk With You
Like It This Way
Rockin’ Boogie
Someday Soon Baby
Sugar Mama
Hungry Country Girl
Fleetwood Mac
Behind the Mask
Skies the Limit
Love Is Dangerous
Do You Know
Affairs of the Heart
When the Sun Goes Down
Behind the Mask
Stand on the Rock
Hard Feelings
When It Comes to Love
Heroes Are Hard to Find
Heroes Are Hard to Find
Coming Home
Bermuda Triangle
Come a Little Bit Closer
She's Changing Me
Bad Loser
Silver Heels
Prove Your Love
Born Enchanter
Safe Harbour
Remember Me
Bright Fire
(I'm a) Road Runner
Did You Ever Love Me
Night Watch
Caught in the Rain
Bare Trees
Child of Mine
The Ghost
Homeward Bound
Sunny Side of Heaven
Bare Trees
Danny's Chant
Spare Me a Little of Your Love
Thoughts on a Grey Day
Future Games
Woman of 1000 Years
Morning Rain
What a Shame
Future Games
Lay It All Down
Show Me a Smile
Kiln House
This Is the Rock
Station Man
Blood on the Floor
Hi Ho Silver
Jewel Eyed Judy
Buddy's Song
One Together
Tell Me All the Things You Do
Mission Bell
The Biggest Thing Since Colossus
My Love Depends on You
It Was a Big Thing
Temperature Is Rising (100.2°F)
Dig You
No More Doggin’
Ain’t Nobody’s Business
She Needs Some Loving
I Need Some Air
Someday Baby
Mr. Wonderful
Stop Messin’ Round
I’ve Lost My Baby
Rollin’ Man
Dust My Broom
Love That Burns
If You Be My Baby
Evenin’ Boogie
Lazy Poker Blues
Coming Home
Trying So Hard to Forget
Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac
My Heart Beat Like a Hammer
Merry Go Round
Long Grey Mare
Hellhound on My Trail
Shake Your Moneymaker
Looking for Somebody
No Place to Go
My Baby’s Good to Me
I Loved Another Woman
Cold Black Night
The World Keep On Turning
Got to Move