Five for Fighting

Five for Fighting is the stage name of U.S. singer-songwriter John Ondrasik. His latest work being 2013's 'Bookmarks', his breakout into international success came with his 2000 album 'America Town', which went platinum in the U.S. due to the widespread acclaim of his song "Superman (It's Not Easy)" in late 2001. His 2004 album 'The Battle For Everything' has also enjoyed considerable chart success in the U.S. Ondrasikhas released a DualDisc of his 2004 album as well Read more on
Stand Up
What If
Heaven Knows
I Don't Want Your Love
Road to You
She's My Girl
Symphony Lane
You'll Never Change
Your Man
The Day I Died
Note to the Unknown Soldier
Above the Timberline
Story of Your Life
Love Can’t Change the Weather
The Battle for Everything
Silent Night
Superman (It's Not Easy) (acoustic)
Something About You (remix)
Sister Sunshine
2+2 Makes Five
Message for Albert
Bella's Birthday Cake
Day by Day
The Garden
Love Song
Wise Man
White Picket Fence
2 Frogs
10 Miles From Nowhere
The Last Great American
(European B-Side)