Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim is a pseudonym of Quentin Leo Cook (b. 31 Jul 1963 in Reigate, Surrey - aka Norman Cook), an English big beat musician. Quentin Leo Cook was educated at Reigate Grammar School. He started a punk fanzine titled Peroxide with his neighbour Andrew Thomas and art student Ian McKay (formerly Laidlaw). Contemporary with his publishing activities, he played drums in Disque Attack (a British new-wave-influenced rock band) for which he later performed lead vocals. Read more on Last.fm
Here Lies Love
Star and Slave
American Troglodyte
Here Lies Love
Poor Me
Please Don’t
Child of the Philippines
Solano Avenue
Opposite Attraction
Riots and Bombs
The Rose of Tacloban
Order 1081
A Perfect Hand
Seven Years
Eleven Days
Gate 37
When She Passed By
Just Ask the Flowers
Sugartime Baby
Why Don’t You Love Me?
Walk Like a Woman
God Draws Straight
Don’t You Agree? / Pretty Face
Here Lies Love (curtain call)
Dancing Together
The Fabulous One
Men Will Do Anything
Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris radio edit)
Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (original clean edit)
Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris remix)
Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (original clean mix)
Fatboy Slim's Big Beach Anthems
Just Another Groove
Because of You (original)
I Would Die 4 You
Let the Drums Speak
My My My
The Organ Track
77 Strings (12" mix)
This Feelin
The Big Booya (Norman Cook's main Pass)
Lord of the Land
Show Me Your Monkey
Here Lies Love
Here Lies Love
Dancing Together
Every Drop of Rain
Men Will Do Anything
You'll Be Taken Care Of
The Whole Man
The Rose of Tacloban
Never So Big
How Are You?
Please Don't
A Perfect Hand
American Troglodyte
Eleven Days
Solano Avenue
When She Passed By
Order 1081
Walk Like a Woman
Seven Years
Don't You Agree?
Why Don't You Love Me?
Pretty Face
Ladies in Blue
The Bootlegs, Volume 4
The Rockafeller Skank (Riva Starr remix)
Star 69 (Ronario remix)
Star 69 (Ronario dub mix)
Don't Let the Man Get You Down
Slash Dot Dash
Wonderful Night
Long Way From Home
Mi Bebé Masoquista
North West Three
The Journey
Jin Go Lo Ba
Song for Chesh
The Joker
The Pimp
The Pimp
Drop the Hate (Remixed by Rev. H Lidbo & The Progressive Baptist Choir of Stockholm
Star 69 (Xpress 2 Wine-em Dine-em 69-em Supramix)
Retox (Getting Freqy with Fatboy)
Song for Shelter (Pete Heller Beats and Pieces)
Talkin' Bout My Baby (Midfield General's Disco Reshuffle mix)
Star 69 (What The F**k) (The Remixes)
Star 69 (What The F**k) (Original Mix)
Star 69 (What The F**k) (X-Press 2 Wine 'em, Dine 'em, 69 'em Mix)
Star 69 (What The F**k) (DJ Godfather Detroit Getto-Tek Mix 1)
Star 69 (What The F**k) (DJ Godfather Detroit Getto-Tek Mix 2)
Star 69 (What The F**k) (Timo Maas Remix)
Star 69 (What The F**k) (DJ Delite)
Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
Talking Bout My Baby
Star 69
Sunset (Bird of Prey)
Love Life
Ya Mama
Mad Flava
Weapon of Choice
Drop the Hate
Song for Shelter / Talking Bout My Baby (reprise)
Better Living Through Chemistry
Song for Lindy
Santa Cruz
The Weekend Starts Here
Everybody Needs a 303
Give the Po' Man a Break
10th and Crenshaw
First Down
Punk to Funk
The Sound of Milwaukee
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
Weekend Bonus Beats
The Weekend Starts Here
Neal Cassady Starts Here