There is more than one artist with this name: 1. 80s and early 90s Hard Rock band. 2. Eurobeat vocalist, Ennio Zanini 1) Fastway was a hard rock band formed by guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke formerly of Motörhead, and bassist Pete Way formerly of UFO. In 1983 both players had been disgruntled with their own bands and decided to work together in a new outfit. They recruited drummer Jerry Shirley formerly of Humble Pie, and vocalist Dave King and took their name from a combination of the founder-members' names. Read more on
Eat Dog Eat
Deliver Me
Fade Out
Leave the Light On
Loving Fool
Dead and Gone
Sick as a Dog
Freedom Song
Who Do You Believe
Love I Need
On and On
Only If You Want It
On Target (Reworked)
Trick or Treat
Answer Is You
These Dreams
Change of Heart
Two Hearts
Make My Day
She Is Danger
Dead or Alive
Easy Livin'
Let Him Rock
Show Some Emotion
Say What You Will
Bad Bad Girls
I've Had Enough
Bad Bad Girls
All Shook Up
Body Rock
Miles Away
She Won't Rock
No Repair
Death Of Me
Lucky To Lose
Big Beat No Heart
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat
After Midnight
Don't Stop the Fight
Stand Up
Tear Down the Walls
Get Tough
Hold on to the Night
If You Could See
Waiting for the Roar
The World Waits for You
Kill Me With Your Heart
Tired of Your Love
Move Over
Little by Little
Rock On
Waiting for the Roar
Back Door Man
All Fired Up
All Fired Up
Steal the Show
Non-Stop Love
Hurtin' Me
Tell Me
Hung Up on Love
The Stranger
If You Could See
Easy Livin'
Feel Me, Touch Me (Do Anything You Want)
All I Need is Your Love
Another Day
We Become One
Give It All You Got
You Got Me Runnin'
Give It Some Action
Far Far From Home