Emma Daumas

Manuelle "Emma" Daumas is a young French songwriter and performer, particularly well known for her participation in Star Academy. Daumas grew up in a family of music lovers and the passion for music led her to write several songs by the age of 12: her parents then allowed her to record her first song Stupid boy. After the piano, she took lessons in guitar, and enrolled at the academy of Villeuneuve-lès-Avignon at the age of 15. She frequently entered contests Read more on Last.fm
Les Larmes de crocodile et autres fables
Les Larmes de crocodile
Le Paresseux
L'Ami lapin
La Girafe
Petit rhinocéros
Une hirondelle
Fufu le furet
La Coccinelle
Dino le dinosaure
L'Abeille et le Papillon
Les Larmes de crocodile (karaoké)
L'Ami lapin (karaoké)
Petit rhinocéros (karaoké)
Le Chemin de la maison
Adieu Baikonour
J'suis conne
Jolie Jeanne
Secret defense
No Matter If You Don't Dream of Me My Love
Movie Style
Lipstick et rimmel
Le Filet
That's All Fun
Effets secondaires
À ma place
S'il te plait
Mon tombeur
Blood Mobile
Celle que tu crois
Club Addict
Au bonheur des hommes
Même pas en rêve
Sous tes mains
You Got Me