Echo & The Bunnymen

Echo & the Bunnymen are a British Post-punk band formed in Liverpool in 1978. The original line-up consisted of Ian McCulloch (of The Crucial Three), Will Sergeant and Les Pattinson. There are many stories, probably apocryphal, that the quartet was completed by a drum machine known as "Echo". By the time of their debut album, 1980's Crocodiles - a moderate UK hit - the drum machine had been replaced by Pete de Freitas. Their next, the critically-acclaimed Heaven Up Here Read more on
Holy Moses
Is This a Breakdown?
Grapes Upon the Vine
Lovers on the Run
Burn It Down
Market Town
New Horizons
The Fountain
Think I Need It Too
Do You Know Who I Am?
Life of a Thousand Crimes
Everlasting Neverendless
B-Sides And Live (2001 - 2005)
Marble Towers (Bonus track from Japanese version of Flowers)
Scratch the Past (Bonus track from Japanese version of Flowers)
Rescue (Mindwinder's Remix)
A Promise (Lo Fi Lullabye #1)
Supermellow Man (Instrumental)
Ticket To Ride
What If We Are (Vocal & String Version)
Stormy Weather (Instrumental Version)
Make Me Shine (Acoustic)
Nothing Lasts Forever (Live Acoustic, Brazil)
In The Margins (Instrumental)
Villiers Terrace (Live)
In The Margins (Live at Reading Festival 2005)
Nothing Lasts Forever (Live at Reading Festival 2005)
Killing Moon (Live at Reading Festival 2005)
Lips Like Sugar (Live at Reading Festival 2005)
All Because of You Days
Parthenon Drive
In the Margins
Of a Life
Make Us Blind
Everything Kills You
Sideways Eight
Scissors in the Sand
Hang On to a Dream
All My Colours (Zimbo)
Angels and Devils
It’s All Over Now
What Are You Going to Do With Your Life?
What Are You Going to Do With Your Life
Get in the Car
Baby Rain
History Chimes
Lost on You
Morning Sun
When It All Blows Over
Fools Like Us
World Tour
Don't Let It Get You Down
Rescue (live)
Altamont (live)
Forgiven (live) (acoustic)
Gone, Gone, Gone
Enlighten Me
Cut & Dried
King of Your Castle
Thick Skinned World
Freaks Dwell
Flaming Red
False Goodbyes
New Live and Rare
People Are Strange
The Killing Moon (All Night version)
All You Need Is Love
Paint It Black (live)
Run, Run, Run (live)
Friction (live)
Do It Clean (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen
Over You
Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
Bombers Bay
Lost and Found
New Direction
Blue Blue Ocean
All My Life
Echo and The Bunnymen
The Cutter
The Back of Love
My White Devil
Higher Hell
Gods Will Be Gods
In Bluer Skies