There are two artists named E-Type: 1) Swedish singer. 2) English old school hardcore producer. E-type (real name: Bo Martin Erik Eriksson) is a Swedish Eurodance singer born on August 27, 1965. He became known to the audience in 1991 when the hit single "We've Got the Atmosphere" was released. This single went directly to the top of the Swedish charts. After that, E-type became well known in the Swedish entertainment world as a television host, film soundtrack composer and a song writer for several Swedish artists. Read more on Last.fm
Loud Pipes Save Lives
Loud Pipes Save Lives (intro)
Paradise (feat. Na Na)
The Predator
Dans La Fantasie
The Original You
Far Up in the Air (feat. Na Na)
Forever More (feat. Na Na and LG)
If Heaven Were to Fall
Lost and Goodbye
Euro IV Ever
Norby IV Ever (Live at Dreamland)
Life (feat. Na Na)
Africa (feat. Na Na)
Banca Banca
Arabian Star (feat. Na Na) (live at Dreamland)
When I Close My Eyes (feat. Na Na)
Loneliness / Ring the Alarm
Time (feat. Na Na)
No More Tears (feat. Na Na)
Borshstjii (feat. Marki-Markki the Dragon Killer)
Campione 2000
Oh Weda (Song From Sveakampen)
Last Man Standing
Ultimos Homo Statans (Last Man Standing)
Angels Crying (radio version)
Here I Go Again
Princess of Egypt
Hold Your Horses
I'm Flying
Morning Light
I'll Always Be Around
Walk Away
I'll Find a Way
So Far Away
Pop Preludium
The Explorer
The Explorer
Calling Your Name
Back in the Loop
I Just Wanna Be With You
Free Like a Flying Demon
You Know
Forever Wild
Fall From the Sky
I'm Not Alone
We Gotta Go
You Will Always Be a Part of Me
So Dem a Com (Explorer version)
Made in Sweden
Made in Sweden
Set the World on Fire
This Is the Way
So Dem A Com
Flight It Back
Until the End
When Religion Comes to Town
Will I See You Again?
Do You Always
Russian Lullaby
Me No Want Miseria
Set the World Unplugged
Set the World on Fire
Set the World on Fire
Set the World on Fire (extended)