Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys are a punk rock band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States in 1996. First playing together in the basement of a friend's barbershop, the band made a name for itself because of its relentless touring and for its annual St. Patrick's Day weekend shows in Boston. The band's songs often deal with Celtic influences, and the working-class environment in which the band members grew up. The band put out a series of EPs and was signed by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong's label Hellcat Records. Read more on Last.fm
11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory
The Lonesome Boatman
Rebels With a Cause
First Class Loser
Paying My Way
I Had a Hat
Kicked to the Curb
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Until the Next Time
Signed and Sealed in Blood
The Boys Are Back
Prisoner’s Song
Rose Tattoo
Jimmy Collins’ Wake
The Season’s Upon Us
The Battle Rages On
Don’t Tear Us Apart
My Hero
Out on the Town
Out of Our Heads
End of the Night
face to face vs. Dropkick Murphys
Fight or Flight
Road of the Righteous
Wasted Life
The Dirty Glass
Fortunate Son
21 Guitar Salute
Mob Mentality
Mob Mentality
In the Streets of London
Going Strong
Keep the Faith
Boys on the Dock
Borstal Boys
The Kids Are Alright
Hang Up Your Boots
Knock Me Down
Mob Mentality (7 inch version)
The Gang’s All Here
Roll Call
Perfect Stranger
10 Years of Service
Upstarts and Broken Hearts
Devil’s Brigade
Curse of a Fallen Soul
Homeward Bound
Going Strong
The Fighting 69th
Wheel of Misfortune
The Only Road
Amazing Grace
The Gang’s All Here
Unity: Dropkick Murphys / Agnostic Front
Nobody's Hero
Pipebomb on Lansdowne (Extended Dance Remix)
9 Seconds Remaining
Sit and Watch (Demo Version)
German Lager vs. Irish Stout
10 Years of Service
Watch Your Back
Faces From Below
Curse of a Fallen Soul
Curse of a Fallen Soul
Going Strong
The Legend of Finn MacCumhail
On the Attack
You're a Rebel
Tattoos and Scally Caps
John Law
Regular Guy
3rd Man In
Career Opportunities (live)
Boys on the Docks
Never Alone
In the Streets of Boston
Caps and Bottles
Euro Trash
Front Seat
Split 7 Inch
Billy's Bones
Dropkick Murphys / The Ducky Boys
Barroom Hero
Fightstarter Karaoke
Cross to Bear