Dolly Mixture Dolly Mixture was a British post-punk band from Cambridge formed in 1978 by bassist and vocalist Debsey Wykes, guitarist Rachel Bor (sister of Andrew Bor of the Users and mother of Syd Bor of Beetzart), and drummer Hester Smith. They started out as complete amateurs, having formed to play at a friend's party. However, they soon proved to be one of the most talented new-wave pop acts. Although they had their taste of Top 40 success as the backing vocals for Captain Sensible's hits Wot and Happy Talk Read more on
Demonstration Tapes
Dream Come True
Ernie Ball
In Your Eyes
He's So Frisky
The Didn't Song
Never Mind Sundays
Will He Kiss Me Tonight
Spend Your Wishes
Miss Candy Twist
Day by Day
Shonay Shonay
Wave Away
How Come You're Such a Hit With the Boys, Jane?
Sorry to Leave You
Side Street Walker
Winter Seems Fine
Treasure Hunt
Grass Is Greener
Never Let It Go
Round the Corner
Remember This
Welcome to the Perfect Day
Whistling in the Dark
Step Close Now