Dimension Zero

Three bands have had the name Dimension Zero: 1) A Swedish Death Metal band 2) A US based Electro/Gothic Rock band. 3) A US-based (Illinois) Metal-Punk crossover band that broke up in the late 1990s, featuring former members of Hiccup and a subsequent member of both As The Crow Flies and The Abacinators. Dimension Zero are a Gothenburg, Sweden-based melodic death metal formed in 1996 as a sideproject of then In Flames guitarists Jesper Strömblad (playing bass here) and Glenn Ljungström. Read more on Last.fm
This Is Hell
The Introduction to What This Is
Dimension Zero
Blood on the Streets
Into and Out of Subsistence
The Final Destination
This Light
Di'i Minores
Penetrations From the Lost World
Through the Virgin Sky
Dead Silent Shriek
Forgotten... But Not Forgiven
Everlasting Neverness