The band was originally called Amon, and recorded two demos under this name, which were later released on CD as "Amon: Feasting The Beast". They changed the name to Deicide in late 1989, just prior to the recording of the self-titled debut. This was done at the insistence of their then-label, Roadrunner Records, because there was a song called "'Amon' Belongs to 'Them'" on the King Diamond album, "Conspiracy". Deicide: \De"i*cide\, n. [L. deicida a deicide (in sense 2); deus god + c[ae]dere to cut, kill: cf. F. d['e]icide.] Read more on
In the Minds of Evil
In the Minds of Evil
Thou Begone
Beyond Salvation
Misery of One
Between the Flesh and the Void
Even the Gods Can Bleed
Trample the Cross
Banished by Evil
Kill the Light of Christ
To Hell With God
To Hell With God
Save Your
Witness of Death
Empowered by Blasphemy
Angels of Hell
Hang in Agony Until You're Dead
Servant of the Enemy
Into the Darkness You Go
How Can You Call Yourself a God
Till Death Do Us Part
The Beginning of the End
Till Death Do Us Part
Hate of All Hatreds
In the Eyes of God
Worthless Misery
Severed Ties
Not as Long as We Both Shall Live
Angel of Agony
Horror in the Halls of Stone
The End of the Beginning