Days in Grief

Days In Grief was a 4-pieced emocore-band from Cologne, Germany in 2001. Their breakthrough took place in 2005 when they released the hard-hitting album 'Behind The Curtain Of A Modern Tomorrow', a genious album full of hooks and punches with a political edge from time to time. They have supported bands such as Bullet For My Valentine and My Chemical Romance. And in november 2005 they gained international fame when they supported Rise Against and The Used during the Taste Of Chaos Tour. Read more on
Days in Grief
Alienated Confidence
Now It's Dead
Tonight I Dance for the Extreme
The Beauty of Silence (When Wheels Stand Still)
The Time for You Will Come
Behind the Curtain of a Modern Tomorrow
When Backhanded Thoughts Carry the Weight
Unite - Oppose - Create
Political Correctness
In Secrecy
Intellect Is Blind
Economic Tyranny
Kill the Music
In Dreams the Dead Return
In the Margin
The Grace of Dying Memories
The Lights Go Out the Curtain Falls
Portrait of Beauty
Make Noise - the Revolution Sleeps
Shadows Fall
Pledge Allegiance to Demons Inside
A Nation's Distrust
Resentment & Disrespect
The Abstract Feeling of Being Lost
Poetic Licence
Nothing Counts Apart
Eye Will Recognize
God Curb America
Lessons From the Past
The Abstract Feeling of Being Lost
Falling Gauntlet
How Long
God Curb America
Without You