David Wilcox

There are at least two artists named David Wilcox. 1. David Wilcox is a Canadian rock and blues musician. 2. David Wilcox is an American folk musician and singer-songwriter guitarist. The Canadian David Wilcox was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is known for such albums as 'Out of the Woods', 'My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble', 'Bad Reputation', Breakfast at the Circus', 'The Natural Edge', 'Thirteen Songs', and 'Rhythm of Love'. Wilcox continues to be a top attraction on the festival and arena circuits around Canada. Read more on Last.fm
Open Hand
Dream Again
Red Eye
Open Hand
How Long
Winter at the Shore
Modern World
Outside Door
Vow of Silence
Captain Wanker
Beyond Belief
Not From Here
River Run Dry
Get On
Party of One
Into One
Same Shaker
Wilford Brandon Hayes
No Doubt About It
Good Man
Hard Part
Let It Go
Grateful for Her Beauty
Coming Alive
Great Big World
Into the Mystery
If It Wasn't for the Night
Last One Gone
Out of the Question
In This Stream
Radio Men
On to the Next
City of Dreams
Apple a Day
Blue Horizon
Ask for More
Native Tongue
Fall Away
Live Songs & Stories
Rusty Old American Dream
The Terminal Tavern
Show the Way
Eye of the Hurricane
Two Roads Diverge
Hold It Up to the Light
Waffle House
Start With the Ending
Get It Out of the Way
Shiny Ride
No Far Away
Travelling Companion
Words Alone
Appreciating the Differences
Good Together
Metaphorical Reasons
That's What the Lonely Is For
What You Whispered
What You Whispered
This Tattoo
Deeper Still
Start With the Ending
In the Broken Places
The Inside of My Head
The Whisper of the Wheel
On Your Way Back Down
Rule Number One
When You're Ready
Step Into Your Skin
Guitar Shopping
Soul Song
Never Enough
Down Here
Spirit Wind
Prisoner of War
All My Life
Guilty Either Way
Leaving You
Young Man Dies
Slipping Through My Fist
Home Within Your Heart
Sex and Music
Turning Point
Show Me the Key
Silent Prayer
Western Ridge
Right Now
Human Cannonball
Secret Church
Turning Point
Waffle House
Big Horizon
New World
Someday Soon
That's What the Lonely Is For
Show the Way
Block Dog
Break in the Cup
It's the Same Old Song
Farthest Shore
Strong Chemistry
Make It Look Easy
Please Don't Call
Big Mistake
All the Roots Grow Deeper When It's Dry
Hold It Up to the Light
Missing You
Home Again
Burgundy Heart-Shaped Medallion
Farther To Fall
(You Were) Going Somewhere
Wildberry Pie
Let Them In
Distant Water
Top Of The Roller Coaster
Covert War
Advertising Man
Last Chance Waltz
She's Just Dancing
Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song
Mighty Ocean
How Did You Find Me Here
How Did You Find Me Here
Leave It Like It Is
Saturday They'll All Be Back Again
Jamie's Secret
It's Almost Time
Just a Vehicle
Common as the Rain
The Kid
Nightshift Watchman
The Nightshift Watchman
Frozen in the Snow
Daddy's Money
That's Why I'm Laughing
Come Away to Sea
It's Almost Time
Gone to Santa Fe
Golden Key
Do I Dare
High Hill
Sunshine on the Land
The Cranes