David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth (born October 10, 1954 in Bloomington, Indiana) is an American singer-songwriter, rock climber, adventurer, actor, author, and former radio personality, being best known for his work with the hard rock band Van Halen and for his fast-talking, larger-than-life persona. Though earning critical and commercial success, Roth left Van Halen due to creative differences in 1985, being replaced by Sammy Hagar (of Montrose and HSAS), and Roth went solo. Read more on Last.fm
Diamond Dave
You Got the Blues, Not Me...
Made Up My Mind
Stay While the Night Is Young
Shoo Bop
She's Looking Good
Soul Kitchen
If 6 Was 9
That Beatles Tune
Medicine Man
Let It All Hang Out
Thug Pop
Act One
Ice Cream Man
Bad Habits
DLR Band
Slam Dunk!
Lose the Dress (Keep the Shoes)
Little Texas
King of the Hill
Going Places...
Wa Wa Zat !!
Right Tool for the Job
Weekend With the Babysitter
Black Sand
Your Filthy Little Mouth
She's My Machine
Everybody's Got the Monkey
Big Train
A Little Luck
Cheatin' Heart Cafe
Hey, You Never Know
No Big 'Ting
You're Breathin' It
Your Filthy Little Mouth
Land's Edge
Night Life
You're Breathin' It (Urban NYC mix)
A Little Ain't Enough
A Lil' Ain't Enough
Shoot It
Lady Luck
Hammerhead Shark
Tell the Truth
Baby's on Fire
40 Below
Sensible Shoes
Last Call
The Dogtown Shuffle
It's Showtime!
Drop in the Bucket
Just Like Paradise
The Bottom Line
Damn Good
Hot Dog and a Shake
Stand Up
Perfect Timing
Two Fools a Minute
Eat 'Em and Smile
Yankee Rose
I'm Easy
Ladies' Nite in Buffalo?
Goin' Crazy!
Tobacco Road
Elephant Gun
Big Trouble
Bump and Grind
That's Life
Crazy From the Heat
Easy Street
Just a Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody
California Girls
Coconut Grove