Dave Edmunds

Dave Edmunds (born April 15, 1944) is a singer, guitarist and producer from Cardiff, Wales. Though he was primarily associated with pub rock and New Wave, and had numerous hits in the late 70's and early 80's, he was steadfastly devoted to pre-Beatles rock and roll. An infrequent songwriter, Edmunds has largely relied on cover songs or custom-written material to sustain his career. In the late 1960s he led a blues-rock trio called Love Sculpture Read more on Last.fm
On Guitar … Dave Edmunds: Rags & Classics
A Whiter Shade of Pale
I Believe I Can Fly
God Only Knows
Wuthering Heights
Your Song
Black Mountain Rag
Classical Gas
Green Onions
Cannonball Rag
Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, Molto Allegro
... Again
Chutes and Ladders
Halfway Down
I Got the Will
I Love Music
Return to Sender
Georgia on My Mind
It Doesn't Really Matter
People Wanna Get High
I Still Love You
The Claw
Your Song
A Better Word for Love
Down Down Down
Hell of a Pain
It Ain't Easy
The Promised Land
Dance Dance Dance
(I'm a) Lover Not a Fighter
Egg or the Hen
Sweet Little Rock & Roller
Outlaw Blues
I Hear You Knocking [single mix]
Black Bill
I'm Coming Home
Country Roll
Blue Monday
I'll Get Along
Hand Picked: Musical Fantasies
Classical Gas
Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)
Saturday Night Shuffle
Return to Sender
Treasures Untold
Allegro From Mozart's 40th Symphony in G Minor
This Little Girl of Mine
The Sheik of Araby
Love Letters in the Sand
Classical Gas (Jazz Trio version)
From Small Things, Big Things Grow
Slipping Away
Don't You Double Cross Me
The Shape I'm In
Bail You Out
Feel So Right
Don't Call Me Tonight
Lousiana Man
Warmed Over Kisses
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Steel Claw
Can't Get Enough
Something About You
Girls Talk (live)
Here Comes the Weekend (live)
Queen of Hearts (live)
The Wanderer (live)
Crawlin' From the Wreckage (live)
I Hear You Knockin' (live)
I Knew the Bride(When She Used to Rock and Roll) (live)
Plugged In
Chutes & Ladders
One Step Back
I Love Music
Halfway Down
Beach Boy Blood (In My Veins)
The Claw
I Got The Will
Better Word For Love
Standing At The Crossroads
It Doesn’t Really Matter
Sabre Dance
Closer to the Flame
Closer to the Flame
Fallin' Through a Hole
Don't Talk to Me
Every Time I See Her
King of Love
I Got Your Number
Never Take the Place of You
Test of Love
Stay With Me Tonight
Riff Raff
Something About You
Breakin' Out
Busted Loose
Far Away
Rules of the Game
Steel Claw
Hang On
How Could I Be So Wrong
Can't Get Enough
Don't You Double
I Want You Bad
The Watch on My Wrist
The Shape I'm In
Feel So Right
What Have I Got to Do to Win?
Don't Call Me Tonight
Have a Heart
D.E. 7th
From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)
Me and the Boys
Bail You Out
Generation Rumble
Other Guys Girls
Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Louisiana Man
Paula Meet Jane
One More Night
Dear Dad
Something Happens
It's Been So Long
Singin' the Blues
(I'm Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills Me
Almost Saturday Night
Cheap Talk, Patter and Jive
Three Time Loser
You'll Never Get Me Up (in One of Those Things)
I'm Only Human
The Race Is On
Baby Let's Play House
Repeat When Necessary
The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Sweet Little Lisa
Home in My Hand
Goodbye Mr. Good Guy
Take Me for a Little While
We Were Both Wrong
Bad Is Bad
Tracks on Wax 4
Trouble Boys
Never Been in Love
Not a Woman, Not a Child
What Looks Best on You
Readers Wives
Thread Your Needle
A-1 on the Jukebox
It's My Own Business
Heart of the City
Get It
Get Out of Denver
I Knew the Bride
Back to School Days
Here Comes the Weekend
Worn Out Suits, Brand New Pockets
Where or When
Juju Man
Git It
Let's Talk About Us
Hey Good Lookin'
What Did I Do Last Night?
Little Darlin'
Subtle as a Flying Mallet
Baby, I Love You
Leave My Woman Alone
Da Doo Ron Ron
Let It Be Me
No Money Down
Shot of Rhythm and Blues
Billy the Kid
Born to Be With You
She's My Baby
I Ain't Never
Let It Rock
Down, Down, Down
Hell of a Pain
It Ain't Easy
The Promised Land
Dance Dance Dance
(I Am a) Lover Not a Fighter
Egg or the Hen
Sweet Little Rock and Roller
Outlaw Blues
I Hear You Knocking
I Hear You Knocking
Girls Talk