Darkane (formerly known as Agretator) is a melodic death / thrash metal band formed in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1998. The name Darkane is a portmanteau of the words "dark" and "arcane". The first album featured Lawrence Mackrory, who had a much more death metal influenced voice. After 1998's Rusted Angel, Andreas Sydow was recruited, and handled vocals on the next three albums, Insanity, Expanding Senses, and Layers of Lies. He decided to leave the band in 2007 and Jens Broman (Construcdead, The Defaced) took his place for Demonic Art. Read more on Last.fm
The Sinister Supremacy
Sounds of Pre-Exsistence
The Sinister Supremacy
Mechanically Divine
The Decline
Insurrection Is Imminent
In the Absence of Pain
Humanity Defined
Hate Repentance State
Collapse of Illusions
By Darkness Designed
Existence Is Just a State of Mind
Demonic Art
Variations of an Eye Crush
Leaving Existence
Demonic Art
Execution 44
Impetious Constant Chaos
Soul Survivor
The Killing of 1
Wrong Grave
Still in Progress
Wrath Connection