Dark Angel

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Dark Angel was a thrash metal band from Los Angeles. Their over-the-top style (extremely fast, heavy and lengthy songs with lots of tempo changes, lyrics and extended instrumental parts) earned them the nickname "the L.A. Caffeine Machine" and the motto "too fast, my ass". Drummer Gene Hoglan is considered to be among the best underground metal drummers in the world. They released 4 demos until their debut full-length LP "We Have Arrived" was released in 1984. Read more on Last.fm
Time Does Not Heal
Pain's Invention, Madness
Act of Contrition
An Ancient Inherited Shame
Trauma and Catharsis
Sensory Deprivation
A Subtle Induction
Leave Scars
Never to Rise Again
No One Answers
Immigrant Song
Older than Time Itself
The Promise of Agony
Leave Scars
Darkness Descends (Intro) (Live)
We Have Arrived (Live)
Falling From The Sky (Live)
Hell On Its Knees (Live)
No Tomorrow (Live)
The Burning Of Sodom (Live)