Dagoba is an industrial metal/groove metal band from Marseille, France that formed in 2000. Influenced by styles such as those of Machine Head, Strapping Young Lad, Pantera and Fear Factory they managed to create a solid, brutal sound of their own. Given that, in France, metal music is not as popular as in other countries, Dagoba often plays concerts and gigs outside France, such as in Germany and the Scandinavian countries, with support slots with such big metal names as Machine Head, In Flames and Sepultura. Read more on Last.fm
Tales of the Black Dawn
The Sunset Curse
Half Damn Life
Born Twice
The Loss
O, Inverted World
The Dawn
Morning Light
Post Mortem Nihil Est
When Winter...
The Realm Black
I, Reptile
Kiss Me Kraken
The Great Wonder
The Day After the Apocalypse
Son of a Ghost
Oblivion Is for the Living
By the Sword
43° 17'N / 5° 22'E
Dead Lion Reef
Columnae Herculis
The Devil's Triangle
Degree Zero
The Horn Cape
Black Smokers (752° Farenheit)
Ha Long
Shen Lung
I Sea Red
There's Blood Offshore
Waves of Doom
Face the Colossus
Face the Colossus
Somebody Died Tonight
Orphan of You
The Nightfall and All Its Mistakes
Silence #3
The Crash
Sudden Death
Release the Fury
Agression Comes Back to You
Something Stronger
Time 2 Go
My Army
Gods Forgot Me