Charlie Winston

Charlie Winston (born Charlie Winston Gleave, 14 September 1978, Cornwall) is an English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has an extended family record in music; his older brother is singer Tom Baxter and his sister performs as Vashti Anna (all the siblings use their middle name as a stage surname). This has allowed him a solid experience of all the connections of the music world including writing, recording and playing for acts such as his brother Tom Baxter
Make Way
9 Yr Old Friend
My Life as a Duck
I Love Your Smile
Life's a Bitch
Can We Do It?
Calling Me
Running Still
Hello Alone
Speak to Me
The Great Conversation
She Went Quietly
Unlike Me
Until You're Satisfied
Wild Ones
Making Yourself So Lonely
Rockin' In the Suburbs
Summertime Here All Year
Lift Me Gently
Kick the Bucket
I Love Your Smile
Generation Spent
My Name
Can We Do It
Don't wana get Serious
9 Yr Old Friend
Bee Boy
Square One
Curio City
Say Something
Fear & Love
Too Long (Jump on the Back)
A Light (Night)
Another Trigger
Just Sayin'
A Light (Day)
Evening Comes
Too Long (Radio Edit)
Lately (Tobtok Remix)
Lately (The Avener Remix)
iTunes Festival: London 2009
In Your Hands (Live)
I Love Your Smile (Live)
Tongue Tied (Live)
I'm A Man (Live)
Kick The Bucket (Live)