Catatonia were an alternative rock band from Cardiff, Wales formed in 1992. They consisted of Cerys Matthews (vocals), Mark Roberts (guitar), Owen Powell (guitar), Paul Jones (bass) and Aled Richards (drums). They split in 2001. Catatonia was formed in 1992, reputedly after songwriter Mark Roberts heard Cerys busking in Cardiff city centre. They had considerable success, their most famous hits being "Mulder and Scully", "Road Rage" and "Dead From The Waist Down". Read more on
Paper Scissors Stone
Immediate Circle
What It Is
Stone by Stone
The Mother of Misogyny
Is Everybody Here on Drugs?
Imaginary Friend
Shore Leave
Apple Core
Beautiful Loser
Blues Song
Village Idiots
Arabian Derby
Equally Cursed and Blessed
Post Script
She's a Millionaire
Storm the Palace
Karaoke Queen
Bulimic Beats
Shoot the Messenger
Nothing Hurts
Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised
Mulder and Scully EP
Mulder and Scully (album version)
Road Rage (radio edit)
Jump or be Sane
No Stone Unturned
Mantra for the Lost
I'm Cured
I am the Mob (Luca Brasi mix)
Mulder & Scully (The Ex Files)
Road Rage (ghia)
For Tinkerbell
For Tinkerbell
New Mercurial Heights
Sweet Catatonia
Gyda Gwên / New Mercurial Heights (Welsh Mix)