Buena Vista Social Club

The Buena Vista Social Club was the name of a members-only music club in Havana, Cuba that was at its height during the 1940s. In the late 1990s Wim Wenders made a movie upon the initiative of Ry Cooder called "The Buena Vista Social Club." Wenders film centered on Ry Cooder's efforts to find and reunite some of the musicians who had performed at the long closed club. The film also portrays sessions from the production of the album released in 1997 also titled Buena Vista Social Club. Read more on Last.fm
Lost and Found
Bruca Manigua (live)
Tiene Sabor
Bodas de Oro
Black Chicken 37
Como Fue
Guajira en F
Quiéreme Mucho
Pedacito de Papel
Mami Me Gustó
Lágrimas Negras
Como Siento Yo
Ruben Sings!