Brodequin is a Brutal Death Metal band , named after a French medieval leg crushing torture device, include former Besieged and Enter Self drummer Chad Walls in the ranks. The debut album Instruments Of Torture was self released but later re-issued by Extremis Records. Drummer Chad Walls would later figure in Dislimb and Inextya. He also featured in Pustulated. A permanent replacement for Chad Walls would be found in the form of Foetopsy's Jon Engman. Read more on
Methods of Execution
Slaves to the Pyre
The Red Theatre
Pressing to Plead
Tyburn Field
Durance Vile
Lingering Existence
Cast Into Torment
Punishment Without Mercy
Methods of Execution
Stop the Madness / Prelude to Execution
Stop the Madness
Cast Into Torment
Created to Kill
Days of Decline
From the Anatomical Deeps
Raped in the Back of Chad's Van
The Garotte
Generic Murder Concept
Suffer the Children
Manufacturing Greed
Your Pain Is Nothing
Festival of Death
Judas Cradle
Trial by Ordeal
Torches of Nero
Vivum Excoriari
Lake of the Dead
Blood of the Martyr
Gilles de Rais
Flow of Maggots
Bronze Bowl
Unto de Fa
Instruments of Torture
The Virgin of Nuremburg
Duke of Exeter
Infested With Worms
Burnt in Effegy
Feast of Flesh