Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead is an alternative rock band originating from New York City in the early 1990s. It was formed by Kazu Makino, Maki Takahashi and Milan-born Italian twin brothers Simone Pace and Amedeo Pace. They take their name from a song by DNA, a 70's and 80's no wave band from New York. Blonde Redhead caught the attention of Sonic Youth's drummer, Steve Shelley, who produced their first self titled album in 1993. Shortly afterwards Maki Takahashi left the band and the remaining band members continued as a trio. Read more on
Freedom of Expression on Barragán
Much More to Lady M (Chris Bear remix)
Defeatist Anthem by the Sea (Connan Mockasin remix)
Lady M on Full Moon (Deerhoof remix)
Sparkle Defeats Us Anthem (Van Rivers remix)
More Than Honey (Nosaj Thing remix)
Pen Ultimatum (Slumberman remix)
The One to Love (Clara-Nova X3a Gus Seyffert remix)
Lady M
Cat on Tin Roof
The One I Love
No More Honey
Mind to Be Had
Defeatist Anthem (Harry and I)
Seven Two
Blonde Redhead Remixes
Here Sometimes (Gayngs remix)
Here Sometimes (Pantha du Prince remix)
Penny Sparkle (Salem remix)
Here Sometimes (Becoming Real remix)
My Plants Are Dead (Games remix)
Love or Prison (Kastellet remix)
The Dungeon Masters
Prologue I: Scherzando
Prologue II: Divertente
Prologue III: Cascata
Prologue IV: Doloroso/Interlude I: Curioso
Ambient I: La Donna Sola
Interlude II: Con Speranza
Il Padroni (Main Theme)
Ambient II: La Dimenticata
Interlude III: Con Disperazione
Ambient III: L’Inverno Venente
Ambient IV: Il Periodo
Interlude IV: Nuova Speranza
Il Vero Padrone (Epilogue/Final Reprise)
Penny Sparkle
Here Sometimes
Not Getting There
My Plants Are Dead
Penny Sparkle
Everything Is Wrong
Black Guitar
The Secret Society of Butterflies
Tons Confession
Melody (french version)
Misery (wicked version)
Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
Equally Damaged
Melody of Certain Three
Hated Because of Great Qualities
Loved Despite of Great Faults
Ballad of Lemons
This Is Not
A Cure
For the Damaged
Mélodie Citronique
En particulier
Odiata per le sue virtu
Chi è e non è
Four Damaged Lemons
In an Expression of the Inexpressible
Luv Machine
Missile ++
Futurism vs. Passéism, Part 2
Speed x Distance = Time
In an Expression of the Inexpressible
Led Zep
This Is for Me and I Know Everyone Knows
Justin Joyous
Fake Can Be Just as Good
Symphony of Treble
Ego Maniac Kid
Pier Paolo
Oh James
Futurism vs. Passéism
La mia vita violenta
(I Am Taking Out My Eurotrash) I Still Get Rocks Off
Violent Life
I Am There While You Choke on Me
Down Under
Young Neil
10 Feet High
Blonde Redhead
I Don't Want U
Sciuri Sciura
Astro Boy
Without Feathers
Mama Cita
Swing Pool
Girl Boy
Four Damaged Lemons
Misery is a Butterfly
For the Damaged