Black Flag

Black Flag is an American hardcore punk band formed in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, California, United States, largely the brainchild of Greg Ginn, the guitarist, primary songwriter and sole continuous member through multiple personnel changes. Keith Morris was their original lead singer. He left the band suddenly in 1979 to form the well-known band, Circle Jerks. Ron Reyes was the second singer for the band, but decided to leave the band not too long after. Read more on
What The...
My Heart's Pumping
Down in the Dirt
Blood and Ashes
Now Is the Time
Wallow in Despair
Slow Your Ass Down
It's So Absurd
Shut Up
This Is Hell
Go Away
The Bitter End
The Chase
I'm Sick
It's Not My Time to Go-Go
Get Out of My Way
No Teeth
To Hell and Back
Give Me All Your Dough
You Gotta Be Joking
Off My Shoulders
I Can See You
I Can See You
Kickin and Stickin
Out of this World
Annihilate This Week
In My Head
The Crazy Girl
White Hot
Out of this World
I Can See You
Drinking and Driving
Retired at 21
Society's Tease
It's All Up to You
The Process of Weeding Out
Your Last Affront
Screw the Law
The Process of Weeding Out
Southern Rise
Loose Nut
Loose Nut
Annihilate This Week
Best One Yet
This Is Good
I'm the One
Now She's Black
Slip It In
Slip It In
Black Coffee
Wound Up
Rat's Eyes
The Bars
My Ghetto
You're Not Evil
My War
Can't Decide
Beat My Head Against the Wall
I Love You
Forever Time
The Swinging Man
Nothing Left Inside
Three Nights
Family Man
Family Man
Salt on a Slug
Hollywood Diary
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
Shed Reading (Rattus Norvegicus)
No Deposit - No Return
Armageddon Man
Long Lost Dog of It
I Won't Stick Any of You Unless and Until I Can Stick All of You!
Account for What?
The Pups Are Doggin' It
Nervous Breakdown
Nervous Breakdown
Fix Me
I’ve Had It