Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five is a trio formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States in 1994, who until their breakup in 2000 were a mainstay of Piano rock. Much of their work was influenced by jazz, evident in frequent improv-styled passages through bridge and/or ending. The members of the band are Ben Folds, the lead singer and pianist, who also wrote most of the songs; Robert Sledge on bass; and Darren Jessee on drums. The group enjoyed the success of the single Brick in 1997 Read more on
The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
Don't Change Your Plans
Hospital Song
Your Redneck Past
Your Most Valuable Possession
Naked Baby Photos
Jackson Cannery (original 7" version)
Alice Childress (live, 1995-10-16: KCRW, Los Angeles)
Dick Holster
Tom & Mary
For Those of Ya'll Who Wear Fannie Packs
Bad Idea (original demo version)
Underground (live, 1995-08-12: Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC, USA)
The Ultimate Sacrifice (live, 1997-05-28: Lupo's, Providence, RI, USA)
Satan Is My Master (live, 1995-08-12: Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC, USA)
Julianne (live, 1996-11-26: LA2, London)
Song for the Dumped (live, 1996-11-26: LA2, London)
Philosophy (live, 1997-03-18: De Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Twin Falls (live, 1996-02-26: Club Quattro, Tokyo)
Boxing (live, 1996-02-26: Club Quattro, Tokyo)