Band of Horses

Band of Horses, known early in its life simply as Horses, is an Indie band formed in Seattle, Washington, United States. The band's lineup has changed multiple times, and the current lineup consists of Ben Bridwell (vocals, guitar), Ryan Monroe (guitar, keyboards), Tyler Ramsay (keyboards, guitar), Bill Reynolds (bass) and Creighton Barrett (drums). The band is currently based in Charleston, South Carolina and has released five albums to date: "Everything All the Time" (2006) Read more on
Why Are You OK
Dull Times / The Moon
Solemn Oath
Casual Party
In a Drawer
Hold on Gimme a Sec
Lying Under Oak
Throw My Mess
Whatever, Wherever
Country Teen
Barrel House
Even Still
Tour EP
Savannah Part One (demo)
The Snow Fall (demo)
For Wicked Gill (demo)
The Great Salt Lake (live)
Billion Day Funeral (live)
(Biding Time Is A) Boat Row (live)