In the spring of '94 four friends are talking about their mutual interest: Hardcore Music. They decide it's time to start their own band, playing music they love. One week later Wyb (guitar), Patrick (vocals), Frank (bass) and Richard (drums) get together for their first rehearsal. From then on they are known as Backfire!. In the following weeks they write their first couple of songs, and record them on their first demo titled "The Last Time". The reactions are unanimously positive Read more on
In Harm's Way
Pushing My Failures Away
Nothing Is Forgiven
When All Hopes End
Sam's Song
Screaming for silence
This Thing We Have
Brother's Keeper
How Do You Like Me Now
Push The Limit
Hey Joe
You Can Make It/Systems Overload (Integrity Cover)
Change the Game
Nothing Left to Prove
Can't Hold Me Down
Where It Ends
Never Let Down
I Believe in Me
Let It Go
Forever Real
Take Me Home
Have Mercy on Me
What Holds Us Together
The War Starts Here
The War Starts Here
There's a Price to Pay
What Holds Us Together
Once Again
Anything Goes
Still Dedicated
Waiting For My Time
Trapped In The Maze
Don't Stay
The Way I Live
I Remember
There's A Difference
Don't Wanna Die Young
No Turning Back
Buried In The Fields
Leave It Behind
Choose My Own Path
Choose My Own Path
Wound Up
You're Only Young Once
Don't Tread on Me
Fight Till Death
All bets are off
All bets are off
We're still around
Depend on me
It's coming back
Diggin' up the past
Stay true
God of nothing
The truth
Justice will prevail
We're only watching
It's not our fault
Through bitter eyes
Can't tell no one
Rebel 4 Life
Not Impressed
20 G's
Who Told You Life Was Easy?
The Stakes Are Too High
Straight Outta M-Town
One by One
No Time to Forgive
True Romance??
When Will It End?
Blue Fascism
Who Told You Life Is Easy?
We Won't Forget
The Last Time
True Romance
Addicted Lowlife
The Stakes Are Too High
One by One
20 G's
With Time
Blue Fascism
Break the Public Peace