Baby Bash

Baby Bash was born as Ronnie Ray Bryant on October 18, 1969 in Vallejo, California, USA. He had a Mexican mother and an Anglo father, both of whom went to prison when he was a child. He was raised by his grandmother and uncles and was subsequently exposed to many different kinds of music. His career started when he joined the rap groups Potna Deuce and Latino Velvet out of Vallejo, but took off when he went to Houston, Texas, and met a rapper named South Park Mexican and joined the all-star group Lone Star Ridaz Read more on
2 P's Inna Backpack
2 Ps Inna Backpack
2 Ps inna Backpack
2 Ps Inna Backpack (Instrumental)
2 Ps Inna Backpack (Acapella)
The Legalizers: Legalize or Die, Vol. 1
Smoke & Fly
Cherry Pie & OG Kush
My Pack tha Loudest
It's Ironic
California's Finest
Smoke with Cypress Hill
Hotboxin' the Van
Cookie Pack
Tattoos on Her Side
Bubble and Ball
Mind Blown
Boppers on My Nutz
Blow Down Cru
Buddah Love
Ronnie Rey All Day
Certified Freak (feat. Baeza & G. Curtis)
Tattoos On Her Side (feat. Paul Wall & Kiotti)
Light Up Light Up (feat. Z-Ro, Berner & Baby E)
We Ready (feat. Ray J)
Middle of the Night
Mexican Burt Reynolds
Put That On My Tab (feat. Stooie Bros)
Noche y Dia (feat. Frankie J)
King Size Mattress (feat. Marty JR & Lucky Luciano)
We Don't Talk (feat. Bruce Bang)
Cinco De Mayo (feat. Frankie J)
Tryna Get Pizzaid (feat. Queen B & Ace The Boss)
Blow It In Her Face (feat. Driyp Drop & Cousin' Fik)
We Can Fuh (feat. Marty Jay)
So Fine (feat. Marty Jay)
Unsung the Album
Break It Down
Dance All Night
Kush-N-Red Wine
Away We Go
Smokin' Naked
Who Wanna Blaze
Butterfly Kisses
Spoiled Lil' Bitch
Hot Boxin' The Van
Doin' The Most
Pacific Coast Time
Playamade Mexicanz
Playa Made Mexicanz
Dope House Fam Bam
When I Pull Up
CA Life
1 Fiddy
Mexican Gonna Get It
Azucar Morena
Cold Muchachos
Left Side of Da Map
She Needs Me
Wish You Would
Roll Up
Bubble and Ball
Know What I Mean
I Can Do This
That Weight
Chevy Music
"Swanananana" (feat. Slim Thug, Stooi Bros. And Mickaël)
"Go Girl" (feat. E-40)
"Hit Me (BBM Me) If You Miss Me" (feat. Carlos Carlito Olivera and Printz Board)
"Kick Rocks" (feat. Mickaël)
"Body Moves Slow" (feat. Krizz Kaliko and Paul Wall)
"Don't Mess With Texas" (feat. SPM, Lucky Luciano and Shyykidd)
"Woyyoy" (feat. The Jacka, Jay Rock and Mickaël)
"Beast in the Bedroom" (feat. Marty James)
"Good for My Money" (feat. Lloyd)
"Roller Coaster Ride" (feat. O.C. and King Solo)
"Head Hunta" (feat. Z-Ro and Lucky Luciano)
"Hope I Don't Violate" (feat. Jay Tee)
"Buttakup" (feat. J. Lacy)
"Fantasy Girl" (feat. Marty James)
"Buttakup (remix)" (feat. Chalie Boy and J. Lacy)
"Go Girl" (dance mix) (feat. E-40)
Outta Control
Outta Control Ft. Pitbull
Super Saucy
Baby I'm Back
Super Saucy (feat. Avant)
That's My Lady (Money) (feat. Nate Dogg)
Throwed Off (feat. Paul Wall & Natalie)
Trees (feat. Pit Bull & Angel Dust)
Who Wit' Me?
No Way Jose (feat. Akon)
Keep It 100 (feat. E-40 & Bosko)
Step in da Club (feat. Rasheed, Lucky Luciano & Grimm)
That's What Tha Pimpin's There For (feat. Suga Free, Monkey Mike & Chingo Bling)
Better Than I Can Tell Ya (feat. Richie Rich, Awax & Russell Lee)
Hennessey (feat. Mac Dre, Jay Tee & Miami the Most)
Outro (feat. Butch Cassidy, Don Cisco, Nino Brown (g' Fellas), Russell Lee & Mr. Kee)
Obsession (As Performed With 3rd Wish)
Get Wiggy [Explicit]
House Party Intro
Naw Waw
Woy Oy
Fa Sho
Never Gone Ride Again
Short Skirts
Shake Dat Ho
Drop Top Heaven
House Party Call
U C Me
Early in Da Mornin'
Tell Me What You Want
House Party Call
Crazy Love
Da Game
Letcha Know
Chinga Tu Madre
Smash On
Spice of Life
What we about
Latin Hard Hitters
South Bronx/South Side
Dime Piece
Party On
Sex Files
South Side With Me
All I Ever Wanted
Da Real
Love Signs
No Tomorrow
Ho Down
Mènage a Trois
Mènage a Trois
Hot Zone
My Side of Town Slowed and Throwed (feat. Uchie, Lucky, Latin Embassy, I-35 Boys, Eternal, & Esc Loc)
Choppers & Copters
Dime Piece
Doe Doe Raps
Short Skirts
On da Go
Crazy Love
Come on Now
Head Hunta (feat. Powda, Tony Montana & 7)
N. R. G.
Who Wanna Creep
Nana Tonight
If Your Na Na Get Wet
Space City
On the Cool (feat. DJ Kane & Drew of the Kumbia Kings)
Tha Smokin' Nephew
Yeh Suh!
Weed Hand
Shorty Doowop
On Tha Curb
Sexy Eyes (Da Da Da Da)
Image of Pimp
Early in the Morning
Feeling Me
Oh Wow
Changed My Life
Stay Perkin'
Menage a Trois
Tha Chop
Don't Disrespect My Mind
Suga Suga (remix)
The Ultimate Cartel
Sick Ass Intro
Oh Wow!!
Don't Disrespect My Mind
My Side of Town Slowed and Throwed
Hot Zone
Gansta Pimpin
Choppers & Copters
Ain't No Love
Doe Doe Raps
Welcome to Texas
Family Thang
Playboy Don't Get Mad
As the World Turns
See Me at the Top
Up & Coming
Get Wiggy!
House Party (intro)
Naw Naw
Woy Oy
Fo Sho
Never Gonna Ride Again
Short Skirts
Shake Dat Hoe
Drop Top Heaven
House Party Call
U C Me
Early in Da Mornin
Tell Me What U Want
House Party Call
Crazy Love
Da Game
Letcha Know
Chinga Tu Madre
Smash On
Spice of Life
Two Cold Cappers
They Don't Even Know
Same Shit
On One
Hustler Fo' Sho'
What's Goin' On
Latin Ladies
She Was a Hustler
What's Up With You?
Side Show
Vamanos (remix)
What's Goin' On? (remix)
Savage Dreams
Watch How Quick
Nice Ta Meet Ya
Too Many Things
Who Wanna Creep
Nana Tonight
Blowin on Fire
Cool Tonight
Styrofoam Cup
Crossing Game
Na Na Get Wet
Come on Now
Outta Control
Doing Too Much
Wild Out (Chooohooo)
Sumthen Special
Just a Touch of Game
On One
Come Take a Ride
Tramp Traps
Diggin Your Style
Drinks on Me