Avec Tristesse

Use & Control
Hors d'oeuvre 01:23
The Human Nature
I've Learned to Hate
Next Step: Another Illusion
Is It?
So Beautiful I Just Can't Believe
I Punish Myself
Universal Conspiracy
L'Âme du vin
Fatality Abided
Here Am I
How Innocence Dies
I Am but One
All Love Is Gone
A View of the End
Through My Eyes
Presence Ignored
Lost in Your Complexity
Of Emotions
As Years Pass By
Avant les Ténèbres
Angel After Dark
Skeptical and Gone
Ravishing Beauty
Ravishing Beauty, Part I
She, the Lust
Ravishing Beauty, Part II
The Crown of Uncreation
De Sombre Amour et Souffrances
In Vain I Cry