There are at least seven artists with this name: 1. A popular electronic music duo from France 2. A jazz trio from the United States 3. A noise rock band from Japan 4. An alias of ambient musician Pete Namlook 5. An alternative pop band from Indonesia 6. A pop group from the Philippines 7. A french synth-pop band also known as Air 89 1) The French band Air is a duo consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel. They went to school in Versailles, (Lycée Jules Ferry) before forming the band in 1995. Read more on
Music for Museum
Art Tatoo
Land Me
Reverse Bubble
Vulcano Kiss
The Dream of Yi
Integration Desintegration
Angel Palace
North Cloud
Le Voyage dans la Lune
Astronomic Club
Le Voyage dans la lune
Seven Stars
Retour sur Terre
Sonic Armada
Who Am I Now?
Cosmic Trip
Homme Lune
Love 2
Do the Joy
So Light Is Her Footfall
Be a Bee
Tropical Disease
Heaven's Light
Night Hunter
Eat My Beat
You Can Tell It to Everybody
African Velvet
Pocket Symphony
Space Maker
Once Upon a Time
Napalm Love
Mayfair Song
Left Bank
Mer du Japon
Lost Message
Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping
Redhead Girl
Night Sight
Time Capsule
Surfing on a Rocket EP
Surfing on a Rocket (Tel Aviv Rocket Surfing remake)
Alpha Beta Gaga (Mark Ronson remix edit) (feat. Rhymefest)
Easy Going Woman
Surfing on a Rocket (Juan MacLean remix)
Alpha Beta Gaga (Jackson remix)
Surfing on a Rocket (To the Smiling Sun remix)
Alpha Beta Gaga (Mark Ronson instrumental mix)
City Reading (Tre Storie Western)
Bird (Bird)
La puttana di Closingtown (Prologo per la puttana die Closingtown)
La puttana di Closingtown (Se vuoi capire la loro storia)
La puttana di Closingtown (Pat Cobhan ride)
La puttana di Closingtown (Fanny scivola con le labbra)
La puttana di Closingtown (Pat Cobhan alza gli occhi)
La puttana di Closingtown (Young)
La puttana di Closingtown ('Affanculo)
La puttana di Closingtown (Quell'uomo bara, dice)
La puttana di Closingtown (Finale)
Caccia all'uomo (Prologo)
Caccia all'uomo (Il primo giorno)
Caccia all'uomo (Il secondo giorno)
Caccia all'uomo (Il terzo giorno)
Caccia all'uomo (L'urlo)
Caccia all'uomo (Mondo sparito)
Caccia all'uomo (Il quarto giorno)
Caccia all'uomo (Macchie di sangue)
Caccia all'uomo (Musica)
10 000 Hz Legend
The Virgin Suicides
Clouds Up
Bathroom Girl
Cemetary Party
Dark Messages
The Word 'Hurricane'
Dirty Trip
Highschool Lover (Theme from The Virgin Suicides)
Afternoon Sister
Ghost Song
Empty House
Dead Bodies
Suicide Underground