There is more than one artist with this name: 1) AFI (A Fire Inside) is an American punk rock/alternative rock band from Ukiah, CA that formed in 1991. Their career progression has taken them through notable and drastic changes in music styles from hardcore punk/horror punk to punk rock to alternative rock. While in high school in Ukiah, California, David Marchand aka Davey Havok (vocals), Mark Stopholese (guitar) and Vic Chalker (bass) formed an outfit called AFI in 1991.
Black Sails EP
Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
Malleus Maleficarum
Who Knew?
Fly in the Ointment
Theory of Revolution
Crop Tub
Cruise Control
Open Your Eyes
Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
Keeping Out of Direct Sunlight (An Introduction)
Three Reasons
A Single Second
pH Low
Let It Be Broke
Lower Your Head and Take It in the Body
Coin Return
The New Patron Saints and Angels
Three Seconds Notice
Salt for Your Wounds
Today's Lesson
The Devil Loves You
Triple Zero
Answer That and Stay Fashionable
Two of a Kind
Half-Empty Bottle
Yürf Rendenmein
Brownie Bottom Sundae
The Checkered Demon
Cereal Wars
The Mother in Me
Rizzo in the Box
Your Name Here
Don't Make Me Ill
High School Football Hero
Self Pity
Key Lime Pie
Man in a Suitcase
Kung-Fu Devil
A Fire Inside EP
3 1/2
Over Exposure
The Hanging Garden
Behind the Times E.P.
Who Said You Could Touch Me?
Rolling Balls
Highschool Football Hero
Rizzo in the Box
Cereal Wars
Born in the U.S. of A.
Very Proud of Ya
Yürf Rendenmein
He Who Laughs Last...
File 13
Wake-Up Call
Cult Status
Perfect Fit
Advances in Modern Technology
Theory of Revolution
This Secret Ninja
Soap-Box Derby
Aspirin Free
Charles Atlas
Crop Tub
Consult My Lover
Take the Test
Two of a Kind
Shatty Fatmas
Cruise Control
Modern Epic
AFI (The Blood Album)
Dark Snow
Still a Stranger
Hidden Knives
Get Hurt
Above the Bridge
So Beneath You
Snow Cats
Dumb Kids
Pink Eyes
Feed From the Floor
White Offerings
She Speaks the Language
The Wind That Carries Me Away