A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace was a five piece rock band from Peoria, Arizona. They formed in 2001 when singer Torry Jasper and drummer Jonathan Kelly began playing together after meeting in a high school English class. In 2003, after a few years of jamming and playing small local shows, bassist Johnny Abdullah and guitarist Adam Rodgers joined the band. From there they put some self-produced recordings on MP3.com where they were discovered by manager Jorge Hernandez. Read more on Last.fm
The B-Sides
The Thin Red Line
Bullets over Broadway
I Never Knew
Christmas on the West Coast
Weekend Warriors (Acoustic)
It Could Be Worse
Never Settle
What The Hell Happened
Maybe Someday
The Other Way
Hot Til' She Talks
Cut Me Off
Let Me Down
Where Do I Go From Here
I Wanna Know
Just No Better Way
The First Time We Ever Met
I Found Myself Today
She Believed (Never in Herself)
The Safest Place
I'll Be There
The First Time We Ever Met (acoustic version)
I Found Myself Today (acoustic version)
She Believed (Never in Herself) (acoustic version)
The Safest Place (acoustic version)
I'll Be There (acoustic version)
Change Is the Only Constant
Queen of Hearts
Goodbye for Now
Pearl Summer
Sell Out
A Vague Memory
Black Truth