59 Times the Pain

59 TIMES THE PAIN, the band name is by the way a song by Hüsker Dü, is a swedish punk/hardcore band that played a really strong music, really fast, energic with some melodic aspects. Back to the nineties when they formed, they were part of the Burning Heart famous label with bands like Randy, No Fun At All, Satanic Surfers, Millencolin and Raised Fist. The band was formed in Fagersta, Sweden in 1992 by Magnus Larnhed (vocals / guitar), Michael Conradsson (bass), Toni Virtanen (drums) and Kai Kalliomäki (guitar). Read more on Last.fm
Calling the Public
Rock the City
Welcome to the 21st Century
Calling the Public
Cash on Delivery
Dead on a Day Like This
Upgraded System
Freedom Station
Room With a View
My Life My Choice My Call
The Emergency
End of the Millennium
Working Man Hero
Me Against the World
Turn at 25th
Priority #1
Need No Alibi
Found Home
Broken Unity
Got It All in Sight
Make It Go Away
Daily Mind Distortion
Clear Enough?
Punkrock College (On With the Show)
Subterranean Kids / 59 Times the Pain
Otra vez
Cree en ti
El color del miedo
Make It Go Away
Old News
Walk Together, Rock Together
Music for Hardcorepunx
Can't Change Me
Against It
Flares n' Slippers
Small Man, Big Mouth
Police on My Back
Twenty Percent of My Hand
With Instead of Against
Can't Change Me
Start the Song
Don't Belong Here
Once Proud to Be
Keeping the Dream Alive
Face the Truth
Today Is the Day
When Ends Never Meet
Too Late
Neither Question nor Disagree
We're Still Around
More Out of Today
More Out of Today
Something You're Not
Leaders & Followers
Gotta Be Ready
So Blind
As Things Were Before
When It All Comes Down
One After Another
To Me You're Dead
Is This It?
All You Got
We're in, Now What?
2min Remaining in the 3rd
For Now
Blind Anger & Hate
Leave Me Alone
Lost Our Trust
Our Approach
Blind Anger & Hate
Sense of Right and Wrong
Let Me In
Give Us a Break
Nothing Left
Together We're Stronger